Outbound tourism area Baduy be the most complete and the most beautiful tourist destinations in the city of Serang Banten. With a variety of tourist elements that can be obtained, Outbound tourism area Baduy combined with the values ??of education, culture, natural beauty and added again the food was delicious and nutritious for the tourists. This is the eighth destination in the tourist area Baduy outbound namely Cultural Tourism (Pencak Silat, Debus, Crafts Bedouin, Bedouin House, typical Batik Banten, Machete Ciomas, etc.), Nature (Mount Reef, Tracking, etc.), Outbound Tourism ( Team Building, Flying Fox, Paintball, etc.), tour of the plantation (Garden tubers, nuts, vegetables, etc.), Tourism Agriculture (Planting Rice, Rice Plowing, Planting Vegetables, etc.), Tourism Fisheries (Goldfish , Koi, Mujair, carp, tilapia, catfish, etc.), Travel Ranch (Buffalo, Chicken, Rabbit, Marmud, goats, geese, ducks, etc.), Culinary (Foods Banten, Liwet Rice, Fish, Vegetable Asem, Lalapan , Sambel Mount Reef, Sambel Impromptu, etc.) that can be felt by all the Travelers Domestic and Foreign Tourists ranging from children kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school, Universities, Colleges, Private Companies and Government.


Jl. Kyai Caringin No. 5 Cideng, Jakarta Pusat 10150